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Right Wash would like to announce that we now operate from five separate cleaning sites at Fisherman Islands in Brisbane, all within two kilometres from the wharf. Because of our numerous sites we can now offer the following services:

Fixed price quarantine cleaning. Conditions apply.

Fixed price transport from the wharf to any of our sites.

Very competitive rates for transport of your equipment from our sites to your premises or to your job site anywhere in Australia.

Free storage. Conditions apply.

Container unpacking. Guaranteed 72 hour turnaround after arrival at any of our sites.

Maximum nine day turnaround for your machine. The cleaning will be completed even sooner if the machine is required urgently.

All of our staff are fully trained in basic machinery operation. They have all attended a special accredited machinery training program to ensure your equipment is operated properly and for our own Workplace Health & Safety program.

All sites are secure 1.1 bonded areas with closed circuit cameras to insure machinery security.

All machinery is treated with the utmost care. Our experienced staff perform an initial inspection and report and photograph any areas of concern. Sensitive areas such as computers, electronics, etc are hand wiped to ensure no moisture impregnation.

When you call Right Wash, you speak to the owner and will get a quote or an answer to your queries immediately.

Right Wash can export clean to your budget.

Staff also hold MSICs for wharf access, and can assist you with wharf inspections.

Right Wash Pty. Ltd.   10 Curlew St  Fisherman Islands  Qld  4178  Australia
Ph: 0409 009 179    eMail

The information on the website is given in good faith to the best of our ability and may not be current. Please check with Right Wash Pty Ltd before reliance on any information contained within.

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